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Small Enough To Maneuver, Big Enough For Us

“Little Red” was our choice for this new launch of ON THE ROAD WITH CHARLIE. It’s a 2017 Winnebago Micro Minnie, Model 2106 FSB, with the floor plan that fit our needs perfectly. (The red finish will be replaced soon, as the color fades rapidly when exposed to the elements, which is probably why they don’t sell the colored product anymore. We’ll have more to say about that issue on a separate page)

Other than the undisclosed “fade” issue, we’re very pleased with this unit.

RV Travel Podcasts

We’ve been producing podcasts relating to our past and planned travel adventures that you can access and listen to at your leisure.

Pet Friendly Info

We travel with our faithful companion “Bogey”. We have collected and will update our pet related information to help you decide where to go, to stay, or visit

Products We Sell

We are not part of any affiliate programs, however, we do sell our original designs on shirts and mugs that you can purchase through our site.

5 Reasons We Decided To Be On The Road (Mostly Full Time)

Abandoning traditional “JOBS”, we’ve transitioned into a full time focus on the revenue producing interests for each of us. Deborah is a published authority on Antiques, and our travels will include stops at national antique shows and markets as she seeks the next great find, plus acts as a “picker extraordinaire” for her clients across the country. I’ll be focused on developing and maintaining our websites, and creating new designs for our on line products, plus managing the “store”.

We each have compiled “Bucket Lists” of places to visit and events to attend, and making this transition will allow us to check them off quicker, and keep the travel schedule on an even keel. 

For the past year we’ve tracked our “sticks and bricks” expenses, and charted the equivalent on the road outgo, budgeting for normal categories, plus un expected emergency and repair funds. The bottom line for our bottom line conclusion is an increase in disposable income by hitting the road, with even a modest success in our already established revenue streams.

Without any deadlines to meet, or destinations that we have to reach on someone else’s timetable, we have already established a tentative schedule, and alternatives should we decide to change up the itinerary. 

Self explanatory, for sure. With the many options available to people who have adopted the lifestyle (we lived the full time RV life once before), there is a welcome sense of freedom within the regulatory limits society has imposed, and we intend to make full use of those advantages for the foreseeable future. 

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