About Us

Our home base is in Iowa, somewhat centrally located to be able to launch our frequent excursions to explore this great country of ours. Deborah and I have been married for 42 years now, kids have long since flown the coop, and we are spoiling Bentley and Madison, our rambunctious black lab and new addition, yellow lab.

These two really enjoy taking their daily walks. It took just a week for Madison, nicknamed ‘Squirt’ to know the drill. They stop and sit at each intersection on the ‘Halt’ command. They will remain there until the ‘OK’ is given. We try to make sure we are walking just over a mile in the morning, sometimes repeating the distance in the evening. We have had two other sets of labs over the years, all good walkers, but these two are probably the best of the bunch in that regard. We’ve relied on the ‘Gentle Leader’ for them all, and it has been very effective in keeping them under control.