They held the first one in 1973. It was called ‘RAGBRAI’, which stood for ‘Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa’, and has been staged every year since, with the exception of 2020, when the nation believed the ‘COVIDIOTS’ who pushed for shut downs and engaged in a fear mongering campaign that crippled nations worldwide.

This years event began on Sunday, July 25th, as the seven day trek with over 15,000 riders departing Le Mars, Iowa with their first stop that night in Sac City.

Living in Fort Dodge, we experienced the infusion of participants and support crews on Monday, as this was the second stop. Just driving around town to take care of our usual needs, we were greeted by the thousands of riders who pedaled to their meet up areas and eventually to their tent cities located throughout the town. There were numerous ‘team’ busses, painted up with their logos, some professional looking, others the work of spray paint, or at least it appeared that way. There were also preparations wrapping up for the night’s entertainment at several stages set up in the cordoned off downtown area.

As you’d expect, the ‘Des Moines Register’ newspaper, sponsor of the event, was producing updates as the week long activity got underway. This one had some interesting quotes from participants remarking that it seemed like Covid never happened, as only a handful of riders were wearing masks. (Why they would for the event is beyond comprehension, but apparently some of them did)

Many of us who figured out the ‘hoax’ of the ‘plandemic’ early on have marveled at how so many people have blindly accepted the illogical and contradictory pronouncements by Tony Fauxci, the CDC, WHO, and many other ‘officials’, who have been unable to keep their stories straight, much less offer any scientific basis in reality for their claims and demands for society to adopt in their day to day lives.

The mere fact that events like RAGBRAI are taking place without adherence to the ‘prescribed’ protocols are a positive sign that the nation may have turned a corner and are beginning to realize the power hungry ‘elites’ have flat out lied to them from the get go. The current push to force everyone to get the ‘jab’ has been met with severe resistance, and many of those who went along are having regrets that they didn’t ask enough questions and have been subjected to an experimental therapy that isn’t even defined by experts as a vaccine. The efforts to cover up the adverse reactions from being injected with no ramifications that can be brought against the makers has been alarming, and unconscionable. We can only pray that those who thought they were doing the right thing will survive this crime against humanity with little if any consequences to their health.