Learning Something New Every Day

One of the aspects of life that we sometimes either take for granted, or worse, don’t care to embrace, is the fact that we have the ability to expand our knowledge each day. Sometimes we add valuable  and worthwhile  information to our memory banks, sometimes we waste our day being exposed to fluff/irrelevant /unimportant mind escape activities, and sometimes we just shut out the rest of the world and hide in our self imposed prison cell to vegetate. 

When 2020 arrived 17 days ago, I pledged to myself that I would not cut myself off from life, and would take advantage of the ability to enhance my knowledge as it relates to my life and my country.

One of my weaknesses that began in grammar school and continues to present day, is my resistance to read books. Don’t get me wrong, I was taught how to read well before entering kindergarten, it’s just that I have always felt that authors generally waste the readers time with long, meandering descriptions of scene setting, or character development in their narratives, that could be edited out and not stray from the story line.

One of my fellow broadcasters years ago had a saying that would be perfect for me to use if I could address the numerous “writers” out there, which said:  ‘LET’S GET TO THE RAT KILLING’.

I just finished a book yesterday that I would recommend to everyone who would like to garner some special insight about our nation’s history. It’s entitled “Sacred Duty” by Tom Cotton. The Senator from Arkansas has penned a salute to the men and women who make up ‘The Old Guard’, providing a valuable history lesson, while reminding us of the sacrifices our soldiers make when called to action, and the resolve of others to insure those who gave their lives while serving are never forgotten.

While I found his writing style to be prone to repetition of statements and event descriptions, it nonetheless is a treasure trove of the hows and whys our nations oldest active military unit has carried on the traditions it has, and provides insight the average visitor to Arlington would either miss, or not ever know.

It’s a very detailed first hand account by the Senator, that didn’t succumb to politics as he laid out the history and character of those who strive to give our fallen the respect and honor they all deserve, regardless of rank or responsibilities. 

My appreciation of ‘The Old Guard’ was certainly enhanced by reading this book cover to cover.

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