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Finding The Next Location

As long as I have owned an RV, be it a small travel trailer, a Class C RV, or a Class A, I have rarely, if ever, stayed at an RV Park or Resort. State Parks and free or inexpensive city parks with RV sites is about as far as I’ve been willing to go. Why? 

Because I'm Cheap

Yes… It’s true… And I don’t apologize for it. Especially when it comes to RV’ing. Some people enjoy staying at one of the many parks and resorts that offer a lot of amenities, and I respect their decision and the reasons why they choose to do so. 

I simply prefer to find a place that offers more peace and serenity in a location that I’ve never been to before, allowing me to drink in the environment around me. I can’t say that I want total isolation, however, I don’t want someone to camp out 20 feet away from where I set up. I certainly don’t wish to have a lot of foot traffic nearby, loud gatherings, blaring music, or kids just being kids. 

The places I visit for the most part have included like-minded people who respect those in the vicinity by setting up with a reasonable amount of separation, making sure their generator, if they use one, isn’t on 24/7, and any music they may wish to listen to isn’t disturbing anyone else. If they are walking, it’s great to be friendly, even stop to chat. There are interesting people out there, and friendships can be created with interaction, however, unless an invitation to hang out is offered, it’s not a good idea to overstay your welcome.

Boondocking at nomad overlook

This represents my ideal location. Located in South Dakota near Badlands National Park, it’s a boondocking setting. No hookups, just a large area that overlooks some spectacular views, and while there are usually quite a few others sharing the experience, unless they come as a group, they set up far enough away from their neighbors so they don’t encroach on their enjoyment.

This area is included in the ‘Buffalo Gap National Grassland’, managed by the National Forest Service. As their website explains, ‘There are more than 193 million miles of forests and grasslands to explore and experience. Across those vast spaces are thousands of recreation opportunities. One of the most popular pastimes on forests and grasslands is camping. Many Forest Service campsites are accessible to visitors of any ability’.

So, how to you find places like this where you can camp? You can log onto their website…
Or… you can get a publication that provides you with a more convenient way to access the information. (Click The Image Below) If you buy this, I will receive a small commission-you won’t pay more though.

This is just one of the sources to locate a place near where you want to travel in our nation, where the cost to camp for free or a minimal cost. I’ll cover the others starting with my next blog post.

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