Super Cereal Bowl Monday

Full disclosure here. The picture above is not from my kitchen table, it’s not what I’m having for breakfast on this day, Monday, February 3, 2020. If you knew me, the carefully staged bowl of flakes and fruit does not reflect my style. I’m more of an oatmeal mixed with granola, cinnamon, and maybe a cut up banana, and it bears no resemblance to a staged menu item from Perkins. It should also be pointed out that I didn’t rush to my computer to find out what Phil predicted in his annual Punxsutawney, PA media fest early Sunday morning.

Groundhog Day, while a tradition we observe every year, much to the delight I’m sure of the folks who stage this celebration every winter, lost it’s appeal to me a long time ago, although I think Phil has been more accurate than most weather persons on tv. At least Phil hasn’t been hijacked by the climate doomsdayers who pretend that they have a clue about the conditions that we face should we decide to challenge their conclusions about mankind’s collision course with disaster, and reject their master plans.

Sunday was also the day many people immersed themselves in the culmination of the NFL season. I was not among them, having cut the cord in 2017. Deborah and I had one of those special moments when you both reach the same conclusion at the same time. 

We realized that we had become addicted to the idiot box, and were rapidly becoming zombies, who willingly sat and stared at mind numbing blather that was beamed into our home via satellite. We rediscovered the reality that there were more productive uses of our time, and more rewarding outcomes when we went cold turkey.

So, here we are, enjoying an early Monday Morning Fresh Brewed Cup o’Joe, reflecting on the tasks at hand, and remembering the tragic events of Feb 3, 1959, which occurred about 90 miles north of my breakfast table. 

We’ll crank up the speakers later on and focus on the memories from the “Oldies” era, then after dinner for dessert, since today is also National Carrot Cake Day, we’ll have a slice…or two…Happy Monday To You….

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