New Year’s Resolutions

Today is Sunday, December 29, 2019. With only a couple of days to go before the New Year arrives, I thought this would be the right time to conjure up my resolutions for 2020. Last year I resolved to NOT procrastinate, so I’m ahead of the game this time, by, uh…2 days.

When I sat down this morning to give serious thought to creating this list, I wanted to insure that I would have at least ONE resolution that I would feel confident in not breaking. So I reached back to one that I’ve relied on over the years, and have still not fell victim to temptation. At #1, “I resolve in 2020 NOT to swallow a watermelon whole”.

At #2, I’m resolving to eat better, exercise more, and drop the pounds to reach and maintain my ideal weight, that I attained during my time in the service (185). That would prevent anyone from thinking that I broke my first resolution.

Next, a crucial resolution to insure 2020 will have the best chance of realizing my goal of “Exploring The Real America” on a full time, or mostly full time basis. #3 – I resolve to successfully develop at least three new sustainable revenue streams. Like many others, we’ve had numerous “great ideas”, even started some of those projects, but in the end, allowed frustration or disappointment in the development process to derail our resolve. That cannot happen in 2020.

For most of my adult life, I have been in radio as an on air personality, hence, when I began this website many years ago, I incorporated “audio” to augment the presentation, evolving to “podcasts” as well. It’s perhaps time to get out of my comfort zone and explore the world of video. Yes, it seems that everyone has a YouTube channel, and I’ve watched countless episodes of full time RV’ers over the years, some excellent, some…uh…not so much. I have no idea whether I can produce videos that will capture the style that I envision, or more important, capture the imagination of the viewing public sufficiently to add some dollars to the coffer. Regardless, #4 is- “in 2020, I will establish a YouTube channel, produce regular content, and roll the dice. 

I’m sure if I thought it would be beneficial, I could expand this list significantly, however, I resolved to limit my resolutions to a few that would allow me to focus on my ultimate goal of living the slogan, “Exploring The Real America”. 2020 is on the horizon, the dawning of a new year of possibilities. Allow me to wish you a prosperous, interesting, rewarding, and joyous new year as well.

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