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Not Just Another Day Off

As a veteran who served my country during the Vietnam Era, perhaps Memorial Day hits home a little differently than for those who haven’t worn the uniform. It saddens me to read messages from others that tout, ‘Happy Memorial Day’. 

There is nothing ‘Happy’ about the reason why the day is marked on the calendar. The accompanying sentiments usually profess support for all those serving in the military, and all First Responders. 

I read a post from the editor of an online publication called ‘RV Travel’ that encapsulated how our citizens should at least take some time during this ‘Holiday’ to reflect on why they have the day off in the first place.

It’s not a new phenomenon with our society not being educated enough to know the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day or Armed Forces Day, or any of the other days of the year set aside to honor groups. It has been a point of contention for me and many others over many years now.

In a similar vane, while many vets appreciate the comment, ‘Thank You For Your Service’, I generally remind them to also thank those who never made it back home and the survivors of their family who’ve lost a loved one.

There are many communities that honor ‘Memorial Day’ with somber observances on the last Monday of May each year. Hopefully, there is one where you live, or where you might be when the day comes around. If you wish to honor the fallen, I urge you to dedicate some of your time each Memorial Day to show your appreciation for the sacrifices that have been made by far too many of our American citizens to ensure we can enjoy our lives in the manner we do today

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