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So Far The New Year Isn’t An Improvement

Most honest people would tell you that 2022 was not a good year. Their reasoning might differ, but the fact is most ended up the year in worse shape than when 2021 departed. The economy was reeling, the cost of living soared, the dollar was worth less, and we once again witnessed an election that was far from ‘fair’.

Again, both sides of the political spectrum will have their viewpoints on all of life’s realities, so the arguments defending their conclusions would not produce consent. We’ve fallen into a destructive pattern of each side digging its heels in, while dismissing the other side’s claims. The labels of ‘disinformation’ and ‘misinformation’ have been deployed to discredit any revelation concerning an event or action that’s been uncovered. It’s almost as predictable as describing people with a different point of view as being ‘racist’.

There was an opportunity presented for attitudes to change, but a divided mindset became even more rigid in its unwillingness to alter how we conducted ourselves as a Nation. Bi-Partisanship in politics, while never a dominant trait in our government, has vanished from the bargaining table.

Politicians continue to view their constituents as illiterate pawns in their quest to wield even more power. Each side claims they will ‘get things done’, yet even a ‘dunce’ could see the divided government making promises to ‘change the way Capitol Hill operates’ as more hot air from disingenuous players.

The Democrats control the Senate, the Republicans control the House. Each side blathered on about they will ‘get to the bottom’ of whatever concern our citizens have, knowing that their campaign promises, even those they actually try to ram through Congress, won’t pass each Chamber, or will simply be vetoed by the President, and neither will have enough votes to overturn the Executive action.

Then, they’ll simply proclaim that they did what they promised to do, but the other side is standing in the way of ‘progress’.

Through it all, with the current ‘shiny objects’ being trotted out to distract the American public from any scandal or serious issue that’s facing us, I remain optimistic that my fellow Americans will see through their charades in even greater numbers. The so-called ‘mainstream media’ is losing what little trust the public had in them, and the proliferation of alternative sources of information seems to have the desired effect of questioning everything. That’s a good thing, in my humble opinion.

Blind trust in our government, and the journalistic deficiency of the ‘Fourth Estate’ has served no one well. There’s a mission state in my office that I’ve tried to incorporate as I seize each day…..

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