2022 – New Year…. New Attitude….

You would be hard pressed to find someone who was sad to see 2021 depart the premises, for a variety of reasons. You know what those reasons are for your situation, I certainly could compile a large list of reasons from my point of view, which would be a larger list than my reasons for being pleased to see 2020 pass us by. Those who follow my posts on social media, and the all too infrequent blog posts here, will know that many of my reasons would involve politics, government, and the sheeple behaviors exhibited by many citizens, not just in the United States, but in many countries around the world.


I wonder if the inhabitants of other planets and/or solar systems are plagued by similar situations.

No… probably not….

As the calendar flipped to the New Year, it dawned on me that there were some positive events that occurred in 2021 that were getting short changed by not acknowledging and appreciating them, perhaps you have some things that were a welcome part of your life last year as well. 

So… in no particular order, here’s a nod of the OTRWC to my list….

We added another member to the family, as Madison quickly adapted to her new surroundings. Bentley got a new playmate, something he begrudgingly accepted, along with the role of playing ‘mentor’ regarding the daily rituals of dog life.

After paying off all our debts aside from a mortgage payment and one credit card, we now have a nice cushion at the end of each month. It’s a great feeling to not have to write so many checks and/or juggle accounts to stay ahead of the game.

While there have been some medical procedures in our household, there were positive outcomes. As I celebrated my 72nd year around the sun, I had dropped 50 pounds from my weight 3 years ago, now matching the fitness I enjoyed when I was in the service, 185. Yes, I have some aches and pains from growing older, but I feel terrific, have much more energy these days, and have no meds to deal with. 

For many years, some of the decisions that would guide our future were made with varying degrees of agreement between Deborah and I, which hampered our ability to pull the trigger on things we knew we had to do. It was just a matter of how to accomplish those goals. That changed by the end of 2021, as we were both able to realize a little compromise on each side was essential to moving forward.

Late in 2020, I began writing a series of adult-oriented romance mini-novels, publishing 4 before 2021 arrived. Last year I added 9 more. In addition, I continued to create new designs for my online storefront ‘Mug-attudes & Wear-attudes’, and created Facebook pages to help market both of my creative outlets.

(Access to both endeavors are through the menu at the top of the website page.)

I took a full day to read and analyze an old paperback book that had been in the house for several years. It provided valuable insight about how I approached life, inspiring me to adopt a different philosophy, prompting me to create some permanent signs that are prominently displayed in our present day ‘sticks and bricks’ residence.

These are the mainreasons that 2021 was not all doom and gloom, and as I reflect on them, the negativity that surrounded the year, and continues to affect others as the New Year advances, is not a part of my mindset as I sit here cranking out another blogpost, my first of 2022. Instead…..

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