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Do You Have Everything You Need?

The pre-trip checklist might need some updating. We are in the middle of ‘camping-vacation-weekend getaway season’ and for most of us, that means we have a set list of items that we make sure gets packed in the car, truck, camper, travel trailer or motorhome. It’s not unusual to discover that you may have overlooked something that would have come in handy the last time you hit the road. 

Every year there are new products that are designed to make tasks easier, safer, and more convenient. Some might be considered luxuries by some travelers, others would deem them a great addition to their experience. 

We’ve taken the time to compile a growing list of things that you might consider adding to your trip. You’ll find it in the menu bar identified as ‘RV Products To Consider’. These aren’t just limited to people who travel by RV, some are geared to those who spend a lot of time traveling.

When you click on a product, the special link will take you to Amazon, and will credit me with getting you there. If you purchase that item, or any other items while you’re shopping, regardless of whether it’s from the list on my website or not, I’ll receive a small commission. You won’t pay any more for it, it’s just a small reward for me calling your attention to something available you might want to purchase.

Every little bit helps in our quest to continue our journey to ‘Discover The Real America’. Happy Shopping, and Thanks for your support.

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