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What Do You Do When You Have ‘NO BARS’

It wasn’t that long ago when there weren’t any cell phones and if you needed to contact someone to let them know you were stranded or needed help, you were at the mercy of someone coming by and willing to help you find a phone, or transport you to a gas station or a hospital. We’ve become accustomed to grabbing our cell phones when we encounter a situation that requires help, either from a loved one or an emergency first responder. Sometimes, our cell phones don’t cooperate. The battery is dead, or you’re in a spot where there is NO SERVICE. What then?

Having been in that situation myself, I can tell you it’s a nerve-wracking experience. Thankfully, technology has advanced to provide some solutions to those issues. While I’m recommending two products that will be a backup in several scenarios should your cell phone not be a workable solution, there are certainly others that you might consider to be prepared.

If you are with a friend or a group and get separated, as in a hiking situation, or perhaps you’re traveling in separate vehicles and one makes a wrong turn and the other doesn’t observe it, a long range set of walkie-talkies is a fairly inexpensive way to be prepared. It’s also a way to communicate with others if you’re attending an event and get separated, or need to let the other one know about a change of plan, or that you need help.

But, what if you’re alone, stranded in a remote area? This might be the backup communication device that you need to have. It’s a little more expensive but could save your life in a dire situation. 

To get more information on either one of these suggestions, just click on the image. If you decide to make a purchase, whether it’s these products or something else when you’ve used the link, I’ll receive a small commission however you won’t pay more.

Stuff happens to all of us, preparation for the unexpected may be the difference between an inconvenience and a tragedy.

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