What Are You Waiting For ?


December 13, 2019, was the day that events combined to inspire me to eliminate the word “employee” from my resume of life. There was nothing out of the ordinary that occurred as the day unfolded, simply a continuation of the toxic work environment, and failure of upper management to take the necessary steps to drain the cesspool of negativity in order to change the culture for the positive. In short, it was just another day at the workplace trying to pull me down below the surface. My immediate resignation from the company revealed an even darker side of the organization, and crystallized why this was the best decision for me to make.

Having celebrated my 70th birthday recently, we had income unrelated to conventional “work”, and our plan to sell our home, downsize and see the country in our travel trailer was in the works for the Spring of 2020, I realized that there really wasn’t any reason to delay the inevitable, so we took the steps to accelerate the lifestyle change. Marking time was, in essence, wasting time, something I concluded was foolhardy.


Of course, retirement for me doesn’t mean sitting around watching the world go by or becoming a couch potato watching tv, heck, I don’t even own a tv, or a real couch for that matter. No retirement for me has a different meaning. This is the time to be more active. Traveling, experiencing, exacting every last drop of my fluid of life as I empty out that bucket list and explore the other unanticipated surprises along the way.

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