‘Lil ‘Ol Procrastinator Me

If there is one fault I have, and believe me I know there are many, it’s that I tend to put things off, knowing that I can get them done later. The issue is, of course, that later often becomes a lot later.

Such was the sase when I returned from my last visit to the Badlands that I blogged about earlier. I had some nice video from my stop in Holstein, Iowa on Memorial Day that I had every intention of editing, adding  commentary, background music, and getting the finished project uploaded to the three platforms I have channels on.

It wasn’t that I didn’t have the time to get it accomplished, but rather like how my days have been going lately, I just didn’t take the time to ‘start’ the work. That ‘WAIT’ button had been depressed, and was stuck.

Eventually something clicked in my brain that forced the issue, and I did manage to get the elements put together, so the video is out there for you to see on Bitchute, Rumble, and YouTube. I have to use YT because the software for the website won’t allow me to link any other platform on the site. (Gee, I wonder what WordPress is getting for that little perk handed to YT?)

At any rate, you can access it on the main page through the big bad YT from the image, or you can find it with the links below.




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