The Author Gets His Copies

Today, Tuesday, April 20, 2021 was an interesting day. As many of you know, I started writing what I call ‘Mini-Romance Novels’ awhile back, encouraged by my wife, who complimented me on my writing skills. I won’t give myself any grades for ability, but I pressed forward after finishing the first one. 

I discovered that I enjoyed writing, fleshing out a story, trying to create a piece that might hold someone’s interest for more than a paragraph or two, and bring even the most unrealistic plot to fruition, hopefully in an acceptable way. The content is not for kids, and probably not suited for anyone that would not be considered a mature adult. Yes, there is sex in the story lines, and some graphic descriptions. (Fair warning to anyone who may wish to buy a copy, or download the Kindle version)

Back to today. I started just publishing the stories on the Kindle platform, but was asked to also have the paperback versions available. It meant a few extra and sometimes frustrating steps to get the cover designed to meet the guidelines, but I managed to pass the reviews for each manuscript submitted. I had seven e-books completed, and then had them formatted for paperback distribution. When finished, I ordered an ‘Author Copy’, just to see how they would turn out for a customer’s purchase.

I was pleasantly surprised today, when the seven paperbacks arrived. Even more pleased that my wife was impressed with how they turned out. 

If you are so inclined, you may order them on our main page, scroll down past the “Freedom To Roam” video to the listing of my books. Click on whichever catches your interest and you’ll be linked to Amazon, where you can choose Kindle or Paperback. Kindle is a download that you will have access after purchase, and if you don’t have an e-reader device, Amazon has a free Kindle read program to download, so you can read it that way. The paperbacks seem to take awhile, I ordered my author copies on April 3rd, and received them all today. Don’t know if that’s a normal time frame or not, just thought I’d give you a heads up.

Thanks for getting through this blatant attempt at self promotion, I do get a small percentage of the sales as a royalty, but in this day and age, every penny helps, so thanks in advance. 

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