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Where The Rubber Meets The Load

Last week I ventured out in ‘Lil Red’ to visit a number of ‘Freedom Rocks’ here in Iowa, recording video and gathering information for some new episodes on my various channels (YouTube, Rumble, and Bitchute). This was the first trip that Madison made with me. She’s our 2-year-old yellow lab pup who adapted very well to riding and staying in the travel trailer.

I’m not sure if I’ve described my setup when we stop for an overnight stay and need to use the generator for the A/C. It’s a bit inconvenient. The rear hatch to the ‘Beast’ won’t clear the power jack when it’s hooked to the vehicle. So, to gain access to pull the Predator 2500 from the back, I have to unhook the trailer and move the vehicle about a foot. 

Before I do that, I make sure the wheels are chocked. On this trip, I noticed when the trailer lifted off the hitch, there was a slight movement backward and I heard what sounded like a crack. Later I discovered that one of the chocks had broken.

I didn’t think too much about it figuring I would buy a replacement. Then after returning to my sticks and bricks, I read an article about a fellow RVer who experienced a similar incident with the same type of yellow plastic chock which came very close to destroying his travel trailer. I did some research into the various kinds of chocks on the market and discovered one that earned a 5-star rating on Amazon.  The reviews were outstanding on this product. 

I am providing my link for this product. If you use it to gain access to Amazon and decide to purchase it, or any other product while you’re shopping on Amazon through my link, I’ll receive a small commission. You won’t pay any more for the product.  I will also add this to the ‘RV PRODUCTS TO CONSIDER’ page on my website.

Thanks for your support. And Stay safe out there!!


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