Who Do You Trust ?

I’m old enough to remember a TV game show that was called, ‘Who Do You Trust?’ with a host by the name of ‘Johnny Carson’. Re-branded from the original show called. ‘Do You Trust Your Wife?’, it debuted the late 50’s. I’m not sure if the question posed back then, ‘Who Do You Trust?’, had anything to do with it, but I developed a skeptic nature early on, honing that trait ever since. My generation adopted the phrase, ‘Never Trust Anyone Over 30’. Today, the case could be argued that trusting anyone is becoming an almost impossible task.

It probably is just coincidental that George Orwell’s ‘1984’ was published in 1949, same year that I was born. Or not.

Regardless, you would be hard pressed to find fault with those who kept warning us that the images of his ‘vision’ for the world is rapidly being mirrored by life in the 21st century. 37 years after 1984, we are closer to that ‘reality’ than we are to the ‘vision’ our founding fathers used to establish the ‘Republic’ represented by our Constitution. The depressing ending of ‘1984’ should be a huge wake up call to many of our fellow citizens because it revealed how easily we can let the government manipulate and control our minds and behaviors which undermines our ability to think for ourselves.

Trust in our public institutions, like government, health organizations, and even the media, produced what can only be described as a collective fear of a virus, allowing our society to feel compelled to follow the dictates of the ‘experts’, all in the name of ‘saving lives’. 2020 eviscerated our nations economy, as elected officials ordered businesses to close, citizens to stay home, travel to be restricted, mask/face coverings mandated, and freedoms violated. All justified for the ‘public safety’. 

Another ‘George’ provided us with some entertaining observations, eliciting laughter, often with a reality check that made many uncomfortable in their truism. The quotes that are immortalized following his death, give us pause for reflection, and probe us to evaluate our own ‘trusting nature’. I wonder how many of us actually instilled the sense of questioning everything in our kids. I know my parents did not stress that as a priority growing up. He also had a rule that he claimed to follow. ‘Never trust anything the government says’. I can say that there are a growing number of our citizens have taken that advice to heart, with thousands of people in all walks of life , dismissing the misinformation being disseminated by those claiming to know best.

Thankfully, there were numerous reports from the initial stages of the ‘pandemic’ that revealed the deception being perpetrated on our world by the ‘experts’. Their efforts were mostly dismissed by those same ‘experts’ and the mainstream media was only happy to echo that sentiment. As the year progressed and the ‘truth’ was spreading about the misrepresentation of what is now being referred to by many as ‘the plandemic’, more and more people put on their skeptics cap and realized that we have been played.

There is a huge movement building that is rebelling against the continued farce of lockdowns, quarantines, the mask mandates and the dangers of ‘vaccines’ that don’t meet the definition of a vaccine, and are being forced on an unsuspecting public.

In 2020, we also witnessed the wool being pulled over the eyes of our election process. You can believe what you wish about the validity of the results from November 3rd, however, if you don’t acknowledge that there were some very odd occurrences in that process, and that efforts to have the concerns fully analyzed by independent professionals have been fought at every turn by Democrats, ‘Never Trumpers’ and the media, then you are a victim of ‘blind trust’. Those who cite all the ‘court cases’ dismissing the claims of illegalities, never point out that all of them were dismissed before ANY evidence was allowed to be introduced. That alone should make you ‘question’ WHY ? 

Circling back to George Orwell and ‘1984’, the novel revealed that when faced by an authority like ‘Big Brother’ there is almost no escape. No ‘thinking’ human being could be blinded by the fact that technological advances over the past few decades has created the environment for ‘Big Brother’ to control civilization. One might also theorize that his work might have been a ‘blueprint’ for those who advocate the ‘New World Order’.

Our nation was founded and progressed with principles that have endured for well over 200 years. Those rights and freedoms have been eroding for decades. We may very well have reached the most critical moment in our country’s history. I would submit that everyone needs to evaluate where we are, and where we wish to be. Are we to remain a nation of ‘Sheeple’, or will we re-establish a nation of the people, by the people and for the people. Will we be ‘Controlled’, or be ‘In Control’?

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